Drew at Salt Flats 100

A strong 2017...

  • ITUS 1st place series finisher
  • Top 10 finishes at RONR (5th) and SMUT (10th)
  • Salt Flats 100 3rd place (19:31)
  • Pulse Endurance 48 Hour 1st place (153.05 mi)A st
Drew at IMTUF with Jeremy

Solid and Consistent

With over 40 Ultras under his belt, including eight 100 milers, Drew has never had a DNF.  This speaks volumes to his well thought out race plans and smart training.
Drew at finish of Bryce

2018 Goals

Drew looks to pick a few quality races in 2018, work on his training and nutrition and become more competitive at the longer distances.  He loves the 100-mile races!

In his own words:

"I began running in 2012 as a means to an end – I had decided to run a marathon for no particular reason other than I needed a new challenge, I had no idea that it would reshape who I am and my outlook on life. Over the past few years, my running has evolved and I have run numerous ultras and I identify myself more as a runner than just about anything else. The people I’ve met and the community involved in ultrarunning is unlike anything I’ve experienced to date. I respect and appreciate the outdoor playgrounds that we have here in Idaho and beyond and do my best to be a steward of our outdoors and our great trail running community.

I try to take a calculated and realistic approach to racing, I study the course and the area, draw from the experience of others who have been there before me and put together the best plan that I believe I can achieve based on my fitness level and the conditions for the specific course. I’ve found that I have been able to have decent success when all there is left to do on race day is execute. I take races seriously and understand the value of a solid race plan.

I’ve never had a coach in running, being mostly self-taught, although I feel that I’ve gained the most from getting to know experienced runners and actually listening to the ones that have shown interest in my success.  Each season I have broken through barriers and have gotten better at executing my race plans, but I’d really like to know what I am capable of, and what it takes to make the jump to the next level. I know there is more out there for me and I’m ready to take a more specific approach to my training and racing."

-Drew Adams

Drew going away uphill at IMTUF