Lindsey 2

Lifetime Bests

Mile: 5:14

3K:  10:21

5K:  18:05

10K:  38:22

1/2 M: 1:26:30

Lindsey 1

Recent Trail Races

McKenzie River 50K, OR:  5:26:02 (2017-9th), 4:54:48 (2015-6th)

Lost Creek Trail 30K, Oregon:  2:46:02 (2017 - 10th)

Alsea Falls Spring Fling 1/2M:  2:14:10 (2017 - 11th)

Hadd Mud 25K, Oregon:  2:09:50 (2015 - 5th)

River of No Return 50K, Idaho:  5:32:32 (2014 - 3rd)



Lindsey 4

Road Marathons

Boston, 2014 3:18:46

Eugene, 2013 3:07:40

Lindsey the Lifelong Runner


A 39 year old Oregon mother of two, Lindsey fell in love with running as a child.  She ran in high school, competed at Eastern Oregon University (including two All-American finishes in the 3K Indoor and 5K Outdoor), and has done numerous RAGNAR Relays with some inspiring teams.

Lindsey, always competitive,  feels now like she is better the farther she races.  She's moved out to longer distances and swapped pavement for pebbles.  She'll give the Waldo 100K a run for its money here in August, 2018.

Lindsey 3