12/02/17 Em rocks her UltraRunning Debut in Cape Town! 2nd Woman

Our young Zimbabwean, Emily Hawgood, began her UltraRunning career in an incredible fashion – taking 2nd in the Ultra Trail Cape Town 65K, here in South Africa !  The very technical course with over 10,000′ vert saw runners from 50 nations competing.  Em took a good hard fall early in the morning darkness right after the start on the climb to Lion’s Head, so with bloodied knees she battled for the podium the rest of the race against Kirsten Hindhammer Amundsgaard (Norway) and Shangave Balendran (South Africa).  Our focal point of the race was from Aphen’s Trail (43km) to Univ Cape Town (56km), and she closed the gap on the leader (Amundsgaard) from 6 minutes to 3 minutes.  The two battled to the end with the top three going Amundsgaard, Hawgood, Balendran.  We could not be more proud of Em!  (She’s pretty excited too……..)

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