Coach Paul Lind

My beginnings with endurance running began when endurance running really began in the U.S. – at the starting line in Squaw Valley in 1974 with my father, Dr. Bob Lind, and a notable runner, Gordon Ainsleigh.  Since age 7, the sport has been an integral part of the Lind family.  And for the past 16 years, giving back to that sport as a coach is the least I can do for something that has shaped my life.


Since my father’s passing in 2016, I carry with me the old school teachings of endurance running philosophy about training, fueling, hydrating, recovery.  That is not to say I am stuck in the old ways – I love to learn, to experiment, to read and talk and discuss newer and better ways to train.


“Above all make sure we are running for the right reasons and having fun.”